Kam5 Min2 Kok7 (in Hakka)
Republic of Gan
Flag of Gan (Vegetarian World)
Location of Gan Map Gan (VegWorld)
Official languages Hakka, Gan, Xiang, Teochew, Mandarin
Capital Namtsong (南昌, "Nam2 Ts'ong1" in Hakka)
Population 6,757,000
HDI 0.793
Nation formed 1869
Currency Chinese Yuan (CNY)
Our Timeline Equivalent Jiangxi Province, Hunan Province, a sliver of far-eastern Guangdong Province leading to the sea

The Nation of Gan is a member of the Chinese Union. It was formed as a league of the three main Chinese groups in the area - the Hakka, the Gan, and the Xiang. Officially, Gan is not named after the Gan ethnic group, but for the river flowing through the country, from whence the Gan ethnic group also derives its name. Even now, in rural areas, the three groups are still live in separate areas, but there is a lot of mixing in the city.



54% Vegetarian
46% Non-Vegetarian

Ethnic Groups

97% Han Chinese
03% other (Hmong, other Chinese minorities, etc)


61% atheist
15% Daoist*
11% agnostic
10% Buddhist*
02% Jain
01% other
(*Buddhism and Daoism are practiced together by many people. Also, even atheists and agnostics sometimes take part in some religious rituals, even if they aren't religious.)


37% Hakka
29% Gan
23% Xiang
06% Teochew (Min Nan dialect)
01% Mandarin
02% other Chinese languages
02% other languages

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