The Gallican Church (French: Église Gallicane), also known as the Church of France (Église de France) and the Church of Avignon (Église d'Avignon), is the official Catholic Church in France. It was formed on the basis of Gallicanism, the belief that the power of monarchs is independent of that of the Pope, and that the church of every country should be under the joint control of the pope and the monarch.

The Church was established in 1549 after the Declaration of the Clergy of France by Henry II. The Church is unique in that it does not recognize the Pope in Rome; rather, the Church recognizes a Patriarch as the Bishop of Avignon, akin to the Pope as the Bishop of Rome. However, the Patriarch is not considered infallible, and the Church does not place emphasis on his power. In France, every monarch and nobleman in France is required to be a member of the Church, however elected members of Parliament are usually not required.




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