Galicia possesses the second highest GDP in the world and is the sixth most developed and is the strongest nation in Europe economically. 
Kingdom of Galicia
Reino de GaliciaGalicia
Timeline: Game of Nations
Flag of Galicia.svg
Et Deo, Reino, und Terrae
CapitalSantiago de Compostela
Largest city Nosa Senora
{{{languages_type}}} Galician, Spanish, Navarese, Catalan, Portuguese, Basque, and French
Demonym Galician
Government Constitutional Monarchy
 -  King of Navarre, Aragon, Catalan, and protector of Aquitaine and New Galicia King Simon Cales IV

Galicia's War of Survival 

In the Year of 1254, Galicia was threatened by its southern neighbor the king of the neighboring nation was very ambitious and looked to his neighbors for land. Galicia a small nation but with premium geographical features it was a fruit ripe to be picked. On May 16th Castile declared war on Galicia. Troops marched into Galicia, legends say it ws 100,000 men but modern estimates show a much smaller 32,000 men. Galicia mobilized an army of 23,000 men but they were no match for Castile's forces and were met with defeat after defeat. Finally at a strategic point a young noble named Anto led the army at the greatest triumph the Kingdom of Galicia has ever seen. At a strategic town known as San Casa they fought a famous battle known as último suspiro the total casualties for Galicia was 475 and Castile 9657. This massive defeat of Castile gave Galicia the morale it needed. They pushed out the Castilians in one year and marched on their capitol. After a siege the Castilians issued a surrender Giving Galicia much of Northern Castile. Anto was made a national hero in latter years and is considered a founding father. This war shaped Galicia's colonial and imperialistic altitude in later years

Galician Age of Colonization

During the reign of Simon II a XXX explorer came to him to ask for sponsor ship for a voyage to the Indian subcontinent for a new trade route after being turned down by his home country. After careful consideration Simon II decided to authorize the journey. On the year of 1412 the explorer landed on the island of Hispaniola and claimed the land for Galicia. It was said he claimed the land in the name of Virgin Mary. On Hispaniola a settlement and colony known as Nosa Senora was founded making Galicia be the 1st nation to have colonies in the new world. Over time Galicia claimed more Colonies in the New World. Galicia Controlled much of South America, along with most of the Caribbean. They also controlled a small colony on the Florida peninsula which was sold to Venice to settle a Debt. However, their Pesky Neighbor of Castile wasn't about to go down without a fight across central America these two nations were locked in a bitter fight for Central America. At the end of this colonization rush Galicia controlled OTL Mexico and Castile controlled everything south of Mexico. This Era of Colonization was the golden age for Galicia with it being the dominant power in Europe. Throughout this golden age many trade companies rose to power but known more so than The royal Galician Trade Company headed by the king himself this company was allowed many special rights by the government and become very rich and powerful and brought gold to Galicia.