— Senatorial Province of The Roman Empire
Timeline: L'Uniona Homanus

OTL equivalent: turkey
Galatia II
Location of Galatia
(and largest city)
Ancyra (Ankara)
Language Latin (Lingua Latina)
Roman Polytheism
  others Angelic Gnosticism, Zoroastrianism
Ethnic groups
Volcae, Tectosages, Tolistobogii, Trocmi
  others Anatolians
Government Provincial Republic
  legislature Governor and Senate of Galatia

A Short History of Galatia

Galatia was a Central Anatolian Province which held one of the largest cities in the Anatolian Peninsula. Ancyra was a center of trade moving into Anatolia and was a strategic city in the Roman Empire. Galatia was named after immigrants from Gaul who moved into this moutnainous area. They became a much more successful people in this area where there were not nearly as many warring tribes fighting for dominence. The Gauls were able to embrace their language and their ethnicity, mainly the Volcae of Southern Aquitania as well as some neighbors.

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