A Galactic War is a term used by the nations of the Milky Way galaxy to describe a series of seven horrifically bloody and destructive wars that have scarred and affected the galaxy for all time.

The Seven Wars

First Galactic War

Main Article: First Galactic War

The First Galactic War was a conflict amongst nations. The purpose of the war was to determine the rising superpowers of the galaxy after the mysterious "Phantoms" were defeated by the mechs so many millennia ago.

Second Galactic War

Main Article: Second Galactic War

The Second Galactic War was in many ways a continuation of the First, involving many of the same participants and grievances. However, unlike the First War, the Second War was conclusive.

Third Galactic War

Main Article: Third Galactic War

The Third Galactic War was a war in which a resurgent Firstborn, eager for blood and vengeance, rallied its allies and embarked on a centuries-long war that restored its position in the galaxy. It was during this galactic war that the Pax Rebellion occurred in the Azaranian Empire, when many races of the empire, taking Commander Paxen Silvis as namesake, rebelled against the Azaranians' policy of Azhuranthia Superiority. For this Reason, the Azaranians withdrew from the conflict to focus inwards, turning the tide in favor of the Firstborn restorationists. Although the Firstborn, even to this day deny any involvement in the formation of the Pax, it is a widely known fact, through leaks and otherwise, that the Firstborn Restorationists were instrumental in giving weapons, supplies, etc.. to the Pax and instigating the rebellion, in an effort to reduce Azaranian involvement. Their Gamble paid off.

Seventh Galactic War

Main Article: Seventh Galactic War

The Seventh Galactic War was a large scale conflict that ravaged the galaxy, beginning between the Praetorian, Promethean, and Centria empires, but eventually escalating to encompass many of the nations of the galaxy.

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