The Galactic Consulateis the political union between the Regenetech Empire's systems and individual species. The Consulate has two separate bodies: the Consulate General and the Consulate Electorate. The Consulate General is composed of Consul Delegates from each system with inhabitants, and it is the body that holds the Empire in union. The Electorate has Consul Delegates from each species, and they vote on whether or not a species shall be subject to an Empire-wide decision enacted and voted in majority by the Senate. During the period when Supreme Marshal Shukoff Padrov Peskaradvoichav occupied the Soram Empire, the seven received species were given representation in the Electorate, and the entire territory was given a delegatory box in the Consulate General. Peskaradvoichav held the Soram Empire until his death, upon which time the Soram Revolution began, and with Terran, Democrists, and Hanzen support, the Regenetech lost the territory. (However, the Soram Empire keeps going back and forth between independence and Regen annexation.)

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