History of Rome-After Ætas ab Brian

List of Cæsars

Cæsar Gaivs Carico Brian Constantinvs
Place of birth:Moesia
Known relatives:half brother Flavivs Ivlianvs, half sister Constantina
Legal status:Citizen of the Roman Empire
Occupation:16th Cæsar

With no war for the title of Cæsar, Constantine inherited a comparatively wealthy and stable empire.

Constantine's personal life was influenced by his readings of Jeff Brian, and like many of his contemporaries, pronounced 'Brian' as Bree-awn or sometimes Bree-awnoos(Brianus).

While campaigning to restore Germania to the Viadua in 1065(312), Constantine was reported to have had a bizarre dream-vision: a voice told him to put crucifixes on his shields, and in the sky, a massive one appeared with the words HOC VINCE (Conquer by this) under it. Awaking in great confusion, the vision occupied Constantine's thoughts until the end of the campaign but it was with the start of his campaign in Africa that he finally had the shields of his legion's painted with crucifixes. There was nothing seen to have happened from doing this though the campaigns were a success. At the formation of the Kushite Legions Constantine had all their standards include symbols of crucifixes, and it became the overall symbol of the Kushite Legions. Constantine crucified perhaps more prisoners than average when in Africa, but he still did not notice any terribly beneficial or fortunate effects from any of these actions. He eventually put it at the back of his mind and forgot about it.

In 1092(339) Constantine formed the Legio Makros, in a way backtracking on Diocletian's break up of the legions. The Legio Makros maintained the legions as separate entities, but often, and temporarily, had them work in groups of six. The control organs developed for this new set up would eventually serve as a general base from which Project Hadrian's Glomero would be designed.

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