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Greater United Empire (GUE)

The Greater United Empire was formed as a unification organisation by New Romania in 1993. Its aim is to unite all of East Europe into one greater nation and to expand our population and rescorces. The GUE will aim for strong military alliances with other European countries.

GUE flag

Here is the flag of the GUE showing the symbol of the founding country New Romania.


Participating countries

You can join the GUE if you are close to or part of Eastern Europe. By joining GUE, you will be greatly benefited with military and technological power and will get the most of the rescorces from trade.Here is the list of countries now part of the GUE:

Countries urged to join

The following countries are encouraged to join the GUE and unite this part of the world.

  • Bulgaria
  • Thrace
  • Serbia
  • Montenagro
  • Macedonia
  • Bosnia and Hetzagovna
  • Moldova
  • Ukraine
  • Hungary and Slovakia region

All other nations are welcome to join regardless of being on the list.

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