In an attempt to stop the Turkish-Bulgarian war, officials on both sides have thought of the idea, a unified state. Due to the Turkish victory, however, the nation was to be come the Grand Turkish Alliance (GTA). This is the constitution that has been resolved after talks with the three nations of: Bulgaria, Turan and the ICR.

Article 1.

  1. The autonomy of every province is respected by the government of the GTA.
  2. All movements toward independance shall be quelled as soon as possible.
  3. The autonomy of each nation is dependendant wholly upon this constitution.
  4. Turan may never again get slaves from Bulgaria.
  5. The part of Bulgaria that was not under Turkish control at the resolution of the war is to be know as: The Republic of Macedonia.
  6. The section of Bulgaria that was under Turkish control at the resolution of the war is to be be given back to the Bulgarian government, but it is to be known as: The Unified Rumelian Federation.

Article 2.

  1. Each nation is to be categorised into one of the three groups:
    • Heartland Nations- a nation in which Turkish is the mother tongue of 2/3 of the population, or a 2/5 of the population speak Turkish as their mother tongue if the nation has a Muslim majority.
    • Motherland Nations- any nation which decides to join the GTA.
    • Daughterland Nations- Any nation that was not in direct will of being an associate of the GTA (i.e. vassals and puppets)
  2. The Heartland Nations are: Turan
  3. Motherland Nations are: Macedonia, Rumelia
  4. Daughterland Natioms: Mesopotamia, the Ottoman Empire
  5. Each nation should be properly divided into Vilayets (Provinces).

Article 3.

  1. Provided that each nation give up their whole independence, open borders shall exist between nations.
  2. No ship may be turned back from another nation within the union.
  3. No army of one nation shall enter the other's territory if not at time of war.
  4. Each nation shall respect the government type of the other without any sort of argument whatsoever.

Article 5.

  1. The one true capital is Istanbul (Qustantaniyya).
  2. In the abscence of the capital, Ankara shall be the National Capital.
  3. The National and Official language of the GTA is Turkish. That provided, all official document and court cases must be in Turkish.
  4. Following the spirit of Pan-Nationalism, each nation should encourage at its most the Turkish Language.
  5. The official State Religion is Islam. However, every citizen following the tennents of one God (i.e Jews & Christians) has the right to practice their own religion. However, the state may not advocate any other religion besides Islam.
  6. The Sultan of the GTA is the Khalif of the muslim world.

Article 7.

  1. Each Homeland Nation shall get 3 representatives in congress, no matter which type of government they have (e.g. monarchy).
  2. Each Motherland Nation shall get 2 representatives in congress, " " " "
  3. Each Daughterland Nation shall get 1 representative in congress, " " " "
  4. All colonies of a nation communally get 1 representative.
  5. A federal law takes 2/3 of the vote to be passed.
  6. The constitution may not be amended after its radification.
  7. To be accepted into the union, it takes 7 votes, as it takes 2/3 of the vote to be kicked out. A heartland nation may only be kicked out if the vote has been 2/3 for 3 consecutive years.
  8. The Prime Minister shall rotate every 2 year, and shall be the prime representative from each Homeland and Motherland Nations.

Article 8.

  1. 1/2 of all income made by Homeland Nation goes to the GTA treasury. 1/4 for Motherland Nations, and 1/8 for Daughterland Nations.
  2. 1/4 of all Homeland Nation soldiers are to be enlisted in the GTA national army. 1/8 for Motherland nations and 1/32 for Daughterland Nations.

Article 9.

  1. Each nation has tax its citizens whatever they like.
  2. No citizen will ever be drafted for the National Turkish Army.
  3. Each nation may still carry out diplomatic activities with outside nations.
  4. Each nation still has its own military.
  5. Other member nations are not oblidged to go to war, if not attacked, and the majority of parliament rules against it.

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