Nations Attending

  • Oceania requests to observe.

Main Purpose of the Conference

The G10 Summit of 2004 is to discuss about the current marketing of biological weapons that are capable to spreading the infection that has claimed the lives of billions. Discussion of other topics of recent events will be discussed as well.


Biological Weapons

Russian Federation: The illegal marketing of these new biological weapons should be halted, due to the fact that the original strain of the virus has claimed the lives of billions in just over a decade. What we need to do is to try to halt all marketing of this new weapon. While in war with the former government of Mali, our forces have been attacked by biological weapons containing the strain, infecting more than 300,000 both military and civilians all across former West Africa. Unless we act now together, these weapons will continue to be produced and tossed around to those who can threaten our nation's sovereignty and the existence of the human race.

Korea:  We agree that the G10 must put the selling of the biological weapons to a halt. The G10 must target key black market hubs and occupy them. The questions are where are the biological weapons and what should we do with them once we have the biological weapons?  

United Republics : Our intelligence agency has massive experience with infiltration of such types of organizations. As for destruction there are a few places that come to mind. Nevada in the former US has a nuclear wasteland.

Korea:How are we going to conduct such operations?

Russian Federation: We propose many options some of which are deemed unacceptable and some are acceptable. We can either start doing random building raiding, use espionage to halt the trade, state inspections of structures, heighten security, depend on civilians to point suspicious individuals/groups, the use of dogs, and full body searches. However, we propose a unique way of doing this without a civil uproar, in this case we call for the advantage of the new digital age to monitor our populace. Therefore propose the making of an international security system that can monitor the populace of our nations. However, this is only an idea so far and no further planning of it has been made as of yet.

United Republics: We will not be using widespread digital monitoring. It is a violation of human rights. Criminals or people who are clear threats to our national security, will fall under our intelligence agencies choice to monitor any perceived threat. 

Russian Federation: We do not mean to violate any human rights, as the privacy will still be available. What we are trying to say is that something has to be done to identify those who are criminals and those who are not. (I mean something like the INDECT act that the EU has done).

Federation of Arabia: We could set up a system of where international criminals are identified, with possible alias's, areas of operation, and multiple pictures of possible looks. This system would be open to public viewing to allow more of a chance of finding a criminal that is on the loose.

Union of Afrikaans and Netherlands: We have a close threat to them. We would just like to bomb them out. This [the selling of biological strains] should be considered to be violating human rights. These people are terrorists, and should be dealt as such. Most of these strains are probably kept in the desert. They leak into the surrounding or such, no problem - just block the desert. Plus, we can just bomb and even nuke areas of it and cause relatively little damage to wildlife in the Sahel.

Federation of Arabia: But possible airborne strains would get loose from the destruction of their containers and have a high possibility of infecting local populations.

Russian Federation: We agree with the FA, our idea does not reveal the secrecy or privacy of personnel info or data.

Korea:We could identify key black market locations via inspection. Once we identified the black market locations we can shut them down and arrest anyone who is selling the biological weapons.

Federation of Arabia: We agree, and these black market suppliers, sellers, and buyers could be tried on an international court due to the level and nature of their offences.

Korea:We agree with FA's proposal.

United Republics: We have no international court, and Geneva says they are tried in their home state. 

Korea: If there is no international court then we must follow Geneva and try them at their home state. But what do we do  if the state the illegal selling of biological weapons is happening is anarchy? We propose that the seller/supplier/buyer is tried in the nearest state with a functioning government.

Russian Federation: That is still against the Geneva Convention.

Korea: So how will the seller/supplier/buyer of the illegal biological weapons be tried if the state s/he sold/supplied/bought the illegal biological weapons doesn't have a court system?

Federation of Arabia: What we must remember, is that these are men and women who for their entire lives have been selling such goods on the black market. They have numerous identities, have closed almost every loose end, and are probably nowhere near the nation they call their home state. This is a threat the Geneva Convention, or anyone for that matter could have predicted, and it must be dealt with in a manner that is sufficient to deal with these criminal acts.

Russian Federation: The trial(s) doesn't have to be in their home nation, they have to conduct a court case in the nation that they have committed the crime in.

Texas: This just brings up a much larger issue. We lack an international court. If we don't have any proper way of trying and punishing rogue nations and international terrorists, then every case will be full of indecision like just now on where to hold it, not to mention the actual legal proceedings themselves. We propose the recreation of the International Court of Justice. As for biological weapons, Texas will raid black markets in North America, with their respective nations' permission of course.

Korea:We agree with Texas's proposal of an international court and also offers to raid black markets in East Asia with the help of the RoC. The question is where would the head quarters be for the international court?

China: We agree and we believe perhaps acts of espionage into these black markets would be helpful to the successful capture and incineration of these bio-weapons. Also, we believe perhaps we should charge them with less crime and definitely not a death sentence to avoid them to attack us out of desperation. Also, incineration will be a useful way of destroying the bio-weapons.

Federation of Arabia (Don't know if I can post this but ...): We have designs of a plasma incinerator that will reduce any amount of substance to mere slag and we are willing to give this design out to all attending nations in the hope that this virus can be destroyed before another large outbreak occurs. 

Oceania (Shares seat with new commonwealth): Texas has a large point, despite the fact that all international organizations have failed, We believe that an international court may be set up, and nations shall write the "criminal code" for it. However, it must not in anyway infringe on national sovereignty. We also propose development of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV's) to monitor on possible terrorists in their complexes. 


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