George Walter Warner (April 19, 1865 - June 1, 1938) was a prominent Democratic politician from Minnesota, best known for serving as a strong conservative presence in the United States Congress from 1903 until his death in 1938, making him the longest-serving Minnesotan representative in US history.

As the chairman of the Congressional Committee on Military Affairs prior to and during the Pacific War, Warner was one of the staunchest pro-war Congressmen of his period and was known as the "arch-hawk," leading to his oft-caricatured appearance as a literal hawk. Warner butted heads both with liberals (notably fellow Democrat and President Al Smith) and with conservatives in both parties (including both Nationalist Presidents Charles E. Hughes and Herbert Hoover and Democratic President Joseph Robinson), and was famously anti-labor, anti-civil rights and pro-Prohibition. After 35 years in office, Warner died of a stroke at the age of 73 while bathing at his Georgetown home.

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