Günther Knittel
Knittel in 1864
Born 11 June, 1824
Königsberg, Prussia
Title Deputy for Silesia
Political party Radical Union of the Federation

Günther Knittel is a Deputy of Silesia in the Interactive AAR A Federation of Equals.


Born to a middle class family in Königsberg, Günther and his family fled to Breslau after Prussia proper was conquered by Russia. When Prussia and Austria joined forces against Russia, he fought in the Prussian army and received a minor wound at the battle of Bielsko. When Silesia was officially incorporated into the Federation, he chose to remain with his newly adopted home, and began to forge a political career for himself. In 1855, he managed to reach the position of Deputy.

During the Coup Attempt launched by Kremevera, Knittel fought against the numerically superior Silesian monarchist forces. He was wounded during fighting at Ratibor, and later lost his leg.

After the civil war, Knittel won a highly contested election for the position of Silesian Chancellor. under his leadership, much of Silesian war damage was repaired, and industry once again flourished. Since then, however, his anti-monarchist views have made him unpopular with Silesia's conservative majority.

A close collaborater with Gabriel Soukup-Valenta, Knittel was appointed to the Security Ministry in 1860. He let the ministry through several trying occasions, including the riots surrounding the Referendum on Federal Monarchies, and the DRB revolt.

Personal Life

When not working in Vienna, Knittel resides in Breslau with his wife, Katje, and his daughter Ilse. He is an avid follower of Opera, and he enjoys playing chess and reading.

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