Funın Saşnaben
ฟะเน่าน สาสนาเบน


Chancellor of Taiwan
1 February 2010 – Incumbent

Predecessor Kağı Rabıyn
Successor Incumbent
Doge Lajğlo İtolşo
Born 13 February 1948
Prey Veng, Cambodia
Political Party Labour Party of Taiwan
Religion Gortism

Funın Saşnaben (Khmer: ฟะเน่าน สาสนาเบน Fanèān S̄ās̄nāben; born 13 February 1948) is the current Chancellor of Taiwan. He also serves as the Chairman of the Labour Party, the County Magistrate of Miaoli County, the Economic Minister of Taiwan and the Health Minister of Taiwan.

Saşnaben is the first Taiwanese chancellor to have been born in Cambodia. Saşnaben joined the Holy Taiwan Mission during the Battle for Taiwan in 1967 and became a team leader in the Ezust Homokba military intelligence unit. He took part in many missions, being shot in the shoulder and foot once respectively. After battling on the front lines of many important battles for Taiwan, he achieved the rank of captain and was then discharge. Saşnaben served as the Taiwanese ambassador to Finland from 1984 to 1985 and then to the United Nations from 1985 to 1988, became a member of the Labour Party, and served as Chancellor of Taiwan from 22 November 1995 to 18 June 1996.

Saşnaben withdrew from politics after losing the 1996 election for Chancellor to Lîwâ Nühağ. In 2002 he returned as Foreign Minister (2002–03) and Finance Minister (2003 – August 2005) in Tona Ronmığ's government, but he departed over disagreements over the territorial claims to the Spratly Islands. He retook the Labour Party leadership on 20 December 2005, after Ronmığ left to form a new party. In the 2006 election, Saşnaben did poorly, winning 12 seats. In December 2006, Saşnaben became the official Opposition Leader in Parliament and Chairman of the Labour Party. In August 2007, he retained the Labour leadership by beating Lumbı Sinığ in party elections. Following the 10 February 2009 parliamentary election, in which Labour placed second and right-wing parties won a majority, Saşnaben formed a coalition government.

Saşnaben's brother, Taiwanese Special Forces commander Yokat Saşnaben, died in 1976 while commanding a counter-terrorist hostage-rescue mission. His father, Benşığ Saşnaben, worked as the Taiwanese Ambassador to Westralia for decades.