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Fuji Dawn is a Kobe-based manga company active after Doomsday. It owns properties formerly owned by the now-defunct anime studios Tatsunoko and Sunrise.


Brave Raideen (1975, Sunrise): The Demon Empire emerges after 12,000 years to conquer Earth. All that is standing in their way is the mysterious giant robot Raideen, created on the island of Mu. A boy named Akira Hibiki discovers Raideen and fights to defend the world from the monstrous forces of the Demon EMpire.

Invincible Super Man Zambot-3 (1977, Sunrise)

Flying House (1982, Tatsunoko): Three children meet an absent-minded scientist with a time-travelling house. They wind up Judea, under Roman occupation, where they observe the ministry of Christ and later the Apostle Paul's expeditions to the Gentiles.

Invincible Steel Man Daitarn-3 (1978, Sunrise)

Mobile Suit Gundam (1979, Sunrise): Fifteen-year-old Amuro Ray and the ragtag crew of the Earth Federation battleship White Base fight to survive the war against the Principality of Zeon.

Science Ninja Team Gatchaman (1972, Tatsunoko)

Speed Racer (1967, Tatsunoko)

Superbook (1981, Tatsunoko)


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