Front for the Liberation of the Enclave of Cabinda
Frente para a Libertação do Enclave de Cabinda
Flag of Cabinda
Flag of FLEC
Active 1 August 1975-present
Country Flag of the People's Republic of Congo Congo

Flag of UNITA Angola

Allegiance Cabindan separatists
Size around 30,000
Engagements Angolan Civil War, Cabindan War, Second Congo War,

The Front for the Liberation of the Exclave of Cabinda is a militant group located exclusively in Angola and the Congo. Their main goal is to liberate the Congolese province of Cabinda. They have fought in numerous wars in Central Africa, including the Cabindan War and the Second Congo War. The militant group also took responsibility for the 2010 attack on the Togolese football team. The group is also infamous for kidnappings, and have taken numerous foreign citzens visiting Cabinda hostage.

They declared independence from the Congo in 2002 as the State of Cabinda, which, despite FLEC'S attacks in the nation, is only recognized by Angola and also Cuba. The State of Cabinda does have control over parts of the province, however it is exclusively in the city of Buco Zau. The nation's government is that of a dictatorship; elections don't exist. The "nation" is lead by the FLEC secretary, António Bento Bembe. The rest of Cabinda has had a minor problem with refugees running away from the state.

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