Summa, Finland; February 1940

Finnish soldiers scurried about the defenses, preparing for what they had been told was a very large force of Soviet troops. A few of the men pray, others polish their guns, and some nudge at each other, wondering if the rapidly advancing Nazi Germany thing would help their Soviet allies, the same Soviets who had razed many of their towns, had destroyed their families.

Suddenly, the Soviet forces appeared over the horizon. The men readied their guns, but they Fins already saw Soviet shells brightly crashing into their trenches. The wails of the wounded filled the air, that is, when it wasn't interrupted by the thunderous cry of gunfire and the occasional blast of artillery. The Fins then got on their skis, and encircled the Soviets, throwing all that they had at the,

A long and bloody week of fighting later, the Finnish line had, somehow, been able to hold. Some Fins picked through the wreckage, no Germans had helped the Soviet invaders. But then they saw something else: the Thirteenth Division of the Soviet army, which had been foretold to have arrived, never came. The Finns rejoiced, knowing that they may have finally been set on a course to win the war. Finnish troops settled down for a few days on the lines, though, to make sure that no Soviet troops would advance. And as they sat on the battlefield, the Soviet High Command threw in the white flag, but, when you invade someone, it never goes unpunished...

The Finnish victory in the Winter War had long lasting consequences on the Soviet Union, drawing vital money away from the Soviet War Machine as reparations to Finland. Soon after the end of the Winter War,   Finland began relations with the Axis Powers, with the Nazi party deeming Finns of a higher bloodline than the Italians, which had already began to grow to resent their leader Mussolini. As Germany wrapped up Fall Greb, Finland began to make plans for an empire of their own...

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