Frisian flag
Official language Frisian
Capital Ljouwert
Largest City Grins
Population 580,000
HDI 0.950
Motto Eala Freya Fresena!
(Hail, Free Frisians!)
Currency Euro (EUR)
Our Timeline Equivalent Friesland Province, Groningen Province (Netherlands), Aurich District, Leer District (Lower Saxony, Germany)



72% Vegetarian
44% Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian
18% Vegan Vegetarian
08% Lacto Vegetarian
02% Ovo Vegetarian
28% Non-Vegetarian

Ethnic Groups

98% European
79% Frisians
17% Dutch 
02% other Europeans
02% non-European


82% Frisian
10% Low Saxon
05% Dutch
02% German
01% others

Note: A large number of Frisians are bilingual or even trilingual. The most common foreign language learned, by far, is Dutch. Second and third places are German and English, respectively.


57% Nonreligious
29% atheist
28% agnostic
27% Christian
14% Quaker
07% Protestant
05% Catholic
01% other Christian
09% Jewish
06% Cathar
01% other

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