Friedrich Muller
1st President of the League of Nations
Term of Office: 1889-1899
Predecessor: Inaugural
Successor: Peter Calvin
Prime Ministers: Peter Calvin, Francois Passy
Date of birth: August 24, 1836
Date of Death: September 4, 1905
Place of birth: Vienna, Austria-Hungary
Nationality: Austro-Hungarian

Friedrich Muller is the 1st League President, one of the founding fathers of the League of Nations, alongside Peter Calvin of Great Britain and Francois Passy of France.

Muller is indirectly related to Klemens Von Metternich, the famous Prussian diplomat who was an International Delegate (Prussia) during the Napoleonic War.

Term in Office

Passy's term is the longest term, the only 10-year term. It ended in 1899. Throughout that time, numerous Caribbean nations began declaring themselves independent, starting the Caribbean War. President Muller was against decolonization of nations, but when these colonies won independence, President Muller had no choice but to let them into the nation. The League Prime Minister, Peter Calvin, was for the independence of these nations.

Preceded by:
President of the League of Nations
Succeeded by:
Peter Calvin

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