The Frères-Chasseurs are a secretive society with lodges all over Laurentia. The original members were lower-Canadian revolutionaries who aimed to established a republic outside of the British Empire. While its origin is martial, the organisation as since become a patriotic social club with members from all walk of life which encourage charitable work, civic events and networking amongst its numbers.

Upon joining, postulants take an oath not to reveal the society's rituals and membership although members are allowed to identify themselves if they so choose. Various famous Laurentians have done so over the years while other have hinted to the fact that they might have been.

Its secretive nature has given rise to a number of conspiracy theories, most of which are unfounded. A common accusation is that the Frères-Chasseurs have had an undue influence over politics within the republic. While it is true that a few politicians over the years have claimed membership (or have been suspected to), no proof has ever surfaced to an actual concerted effort aimed at bringing on a policy that has emanated from the society.

The Frères-Chasseurs sponsors various affiliated organisations including a women's auxiliary and a youth section. They also have a marching band and an honour guard which can be seen at various civic parades as well as society functions.

The hierarchy of the Frères-Chasseurs Society is as follow

  • Grand-Aigle: Supreme Leader
  • Aigle: head of a district which is divided into two companies
  • Castor: head of a company which is divided into five corps
  • Raquette: head of a corps composed of nine Frères-Chasseurs

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