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French regional elections, 2008 (The Victory)

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Regional elections to elect regional assemblies and regional presidents were held in all 29 French regions in 2004. The next election is scheduled in 2008.

  • PSDF and allies: 19 regions
  • PDF-MP and allies: 8 regions
  • CDF: 1 region (junior partner in 1)
  • Others: 1 region
Region Capital Leading Party
Algérie Alger Bloc
Alsace Strasbourg PDF
Aquitaine Bordeaux PSDF-CDF
Auvergne Clermont-Ferrand CDF
Basse-Normandie Caen PDF
Bourgogne Dijon PDF-MP
Bretagne Rennes PSDF-PNB
Centre Orléans PSDF
Champagne-Ardenne Châlons-en-Champagne PDF-MP
Flandre Antwerp CDPV
Franche-Comté Besançon PDF
Guadeloupe Basse-Terre PDF
Guyane Cayenne PSDF
Haute-Normandie Rouen PSDF
Île-de-France Paris PSDF
Languedoc-Roussillon Montpelier PSDF
Limousin Limoges PSDF
Lorraine Metz PDF
Martinique Fort-de-France PSDF-PDNM
Midi-Pyrénées Toulouse PSDF
Nord et Pas de Calais Lille PSDF
Pays de la Loire Nantes PSDF
Picardie Amiens PSDF
Poitou-Charentes Poitiers PSDF
Provence Marseille PSDF
Réunion Saint-Denis PSDF
Rhin-Palatinat Cologne SPRP-PSDF
Savoy et Rhône Lyon PSDF
Wallonie Bruxelles PSDF


  • PDF: Parti Démocratique Français - governing liberal-conservative party
    • CDPV: Christen-Democratische partij van Vlaanderen - Flemish autonomist party associated with PDF (formerly CDV)
  • MP: Mouvement Populaire - junior coalition partner, social conservative and populist
  • PSDF: Parti Social-Démocratique Français - social democratic opposition
    • SPRP: (Rheinland-Pfalz) Sozialdemokratische Partei - Rhin-Palatinat autonomous section of PSDF
    • VSDP: Vlaamse Sociaal-Democratische Partij - Flemish autonomous section of PSDF
    • PNB: Parti National Breton - Breton autonomist party associated with PSDF
    • PDNM: Parti Démocratique National de Martinique - Martinican autonomist socialist party associated with PSDF
  • CDF: Centre Démocratique Français - centre-left social liberal opposition
  • PNDA: Parti National Démocratique Algérien - Algerian centrist nationalist party
  • Bloc: Bloc Algérien - Algerian liberal nationalist party

Refer to the list of French political parties here for more ample party information

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