French presidential election, 1792
none 100px-Flag of France svg 1798
Robespierre Marquis de Lafayette Hebert-1 Pierre Vergniaud
Maximilien Robespierre Gilbert du Motier Jaques Herbert Pierre Victurnien Vergniaud
Jacobins Feuillants Herbertists Girodanists
327 264 12 7
previous president next president
Louis XVI - as King Maximilien Robespierre - Jacobin

The French presidential election of 1792 was the nations first. The National Assembly acted as an electoral college, each Delegate cast one vote. Maximilien Robespierre won with 327 of 610 votes, a bare majority. His closest rival in the election was gilbert du Motier, formerly Maquis de Lafayette. This election was close which would lead to vote rigging in the next.

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