French invasion of Corsica
1794 Jeffreys Map of Corsica, France - Geographicus - Corsica-jeffreys-1794
Date May 1768 - January 1769
Location Corsica
Result Corsican victory
Treaty of Bastia
Republic of Corsica Kingdom of France
Supported by: Great Britain
Commanders and leaders
Pasqual Paoli Comte de Vaux
Marquis de Chauvelin
24,000 168,000

The French invasion of Corsica took place during 1768 when the Republic of Corsica was occupied by France under the command of the Comte de Vaux.

France received de jure control of the island of Corsica as a pledge from the Genoese Republic via the Treaty of Versailles in 1768. Genoa still claimed ownership of the island, although since 1755, Corsicans had achieved virtual independence and had written a constitution in Italian. After abandoning any hope of recovering Corsica by force, the Genoese chose to sell their rights over the island to France who were keen to gain new territory to replace territory lost during the Seven Years' War.

On the 8th October a large French force under the command of the Marquis de Chauvelin was crushed by a numerically smaller Corsican army at the Battle of Borgo. Following this, French forces across the island withdrew to the port of Bastia on the north coast, awaiting reinforcements. However, before the end of the year France, under pressure from Great Britain and Spain, had abandoned its plans and begun peace negotiations with Corsica. The Bastia garrison was evacuated in January 1769.

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