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French government in exile (Germany wins)

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French Third Republic
République française
Flag Francecoatofarms1898-2.png
Motto"Liberté, égalité, fraternité"
"Liberty, Equality, Fraternity"
AnthemLa Marseillaise
CapitalParis (de jure), Washington, D.C. (Government in exile (1940-1945)), Taipei (Government in exile (1945-))
Official languages French
Demonym French
Government Republic, Government in exile
 -  President François Hollande
 -  Prime Minister Manuel Valls
 -  Francia 481 
 -  West Francia 10 August 843 
 -  Royal Standard of the Kingdom of France Kingdom of France 987 
 -  Flag of France (1790-1794) Kingdom of France (1791–92) 3 September 1791 
 -  Flag of France French First Republic 21 September 1792 
 -  Flag of France First French Empire 18 May 1804 
 -  Flag of the Constitutional Kingdom of France (Proposed) Bourbon Restoration 7 July 1815 
 -  Flag of France July Monarchy 26 July 1830 
 -  Flag of France Second French Empire 23 February 1848 
Internet TLD .fr

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