A general election to elect the 27th Legislature was be held on April 13, 2007.


The campaign's main issues included government reform, national identity, immigration/asylum, security, foreign policy, and the economy.


PartyLeader% PVSeats+/- Seats
Parti Démocratique FrançaisNicolas Sarkozy28.7%342-20
Parti Social-Démocratique FrançaisSégolène Royal25.6%225+5
Mouvement PopulairePhilippe de Villiers19%107+2
Centre Démocratique FrançaisFrançois Bayrou7.9%42+10
Parti National Démocratique AlgérienAbdelaziz Belkhadem3.2%9-7
Christen-Democratisch en VlaamsYves Leterme3.6%17+2
Vlaams BelangFrank Vanhecke2.5%7-2
Les VertsCecile Duflot2.6%1+1
Bloc AlgérienUnknown4%15+9
Front Imperial FrançaisMarine Le Pen1.4%3+2

The PDF's share of the vote actually decreased, and so did the PSDF and MP's shares. The CDF took a few % while smaller parties took the rest of the votes lost by the 3 main parties. The PDF/MP majority is now smaller than before.

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