General elections to elect 774 members of the lower house, the Corps Législatif. To the general surprise, Prime Minister Jacques Chirac resigned as Leader of the PDF and was replaced by personal rival, Nicolas Sarkozy. A campaign based around immigration, law and order, and social laws led to the election of a PDF-dominated government.

New Leadership after Elections

Prime Minister of France: Nicolas Sarkozy

Leader of the Lower House Opposition: Laurent Fabius (2001-2004), Ségolène Royal (2004-)


PartyLeader% PVSeats+/- Seats
Parti Démocratique FrançaisNicolas Sarkozy31.3%362+13
Parti Social-Démocratique FrançaisLaurent Fabius27.6%220-2
Mouvement PopulairePhillipe de Villiers19.2%105+5
Centre Démocratique FrançaisFrançois Bayrou6.2%32-14
Parti National Démocratique AlgérienAbdelaziz Belkhadem5%16-1
Vlaams BelangFrank Vanhecke5%9+2
Christen-Democratisch en VlaamsYves Leterme1.2%15-3
Les VertsCecile Duflot1%0=
Bloc AlgérienUnknown1%6+1
Front Imperial FrançaisJean-Marie Le Pen0.8%1=
Flag of France   French Empire   Flag of France

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