French War

7 August 1994


24 May 1996




Alternate French Flag South France
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
Flag of Soviet España (Shattered Into Pieces) Spain
US flag 30 stars United States
Upside-down Romanov Flag Russia

WestFranceFlag North France
Flag of the German Reich (1935–1945) Germany
Government Ensign of Belgium Belgium


Alternate French Flag Francois Mitterrand
Flag of the United Kingdom John Major
Flag of Soviet España (Shattered Into Pieces) Felipe Gonzalez
US flag 30 stars Philip Owen
Upside-down Romanov Flag Vladimir Putin

WestFranceFlag Bruno Megret
Flag of the German Reich (1935–1945) Frank Hubner


140,000 South French
12,000 British
25,000 Spanish
45,000 American
20,000 Russian
Total: 242,000

220,000 North French
70,000 German
10,000 Belgian

Total: 300,000

Casualties and Losses



The French War was a conflict fought from 1994 to 1996 between South France and its allies, and North France and its allies. The war was a victory for the South French and the Democratic Powers, and a defeat for the North French and National Socialist Powers, chiefly due to the fact that not all national socialist nations actually entered the conflict due to internal strife -- the war may have turned out much differently had these other nations entered. It was a significant Cold War victory for the Russians and Americans, and a major setback for the Germans. The war resulted in the reunification of North France and South France, greatly decreasing German influence in the Atlantic.

It began on 7 August 1994 when the German and North French governments used brute force to crush the Rebellion of 1994. This outraged many other nations, especially the South French, who saw their fellow Frenchmen calling out for help. South France declared war on Germany and North France the next day, followed by the UK and Spain a few days later, and launched an invasion. Although the North French and German armies were stronger, the ongoing North French rebellion hampered the war effort and eventually to the fall of the North French government and dissolution of the state.


Course of the War

Aftermath and Significance

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