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  • Treaty of Tehran, unifying the Persian Empire and Afghanistan into a larger Persian Empire. A six-year guerrilla war with those warlords that would not join the new empire followed. Persia was able to use its new strength in the region to gain new loans from the British and France (French Trafalgar, British Waterloo)French, as well as giving it a strong position to protect itself from external pressures, namely from Britain and Russia.




  • North Sea Conflict between Germany and Britain over the rights over fishing and mercantile trade that France tried to interfere in to bring either one of the nations closer to it. In the end, it resulted in a settlement, but the aggressive tactics of the French overshadowed the result.


  • The first of Ottoman massacres to suppress nationalist agitation to split up the empire takes place in Trabzon, and would continue for the next five years



  • Tyrrhenian Sea Incident when a French ship carrying a cousin of Emperor Louis I exploded off the coast of Naples, and the German allied Italian government refused to give into French demands for compensation. This would nearly lead to war between the major powers, but an international conference would settle the issues in France's favour.
  • September 7 - Assassination Attempt on Emperor Louis I of France by a gunman over the loss of his father and brother fighting in Mauritania and the recent war crisis in Italy.














  • April 2 - Russo-Japanese War breaks out between Russia and Japan
  • April 6 - The Russian Baltic Fleet is ordered to the Pacific
  • April-May - Siege of Vladivostok: A Japanese army of 120,000 besieges the Russian port, with only 40,000 defenders. Russian Field Marshall Aleksey Kuropatkin manages to hold on for three weeks, but dies of a heart attack due to stress on May 15. The Japanese eventually do capture the city on May 17, but heavy casualties due to Russian defensive strategies make this a costly victory.
  • May 21 - The Battle of the South China Sea: the combined Russian fleet that had escaped Vladivostok before the city fell joins with the Baltic Fleet under Admiral Rozhestvensky, and engages the Japanese Main Fleet under Admiral Tojo. Russia inflicts a victory and forces Admiral Tojo to retire from the battle, while three Japanese battleships and four Russian are destroyed.
  • May 24 - Battle of Ningguta: Russia manages to decisively defeat a Japanese Army that tried to cut the Trans-Siberian Railway due to Japanese overconfidence and lack of intelligence on the location of the Russian army.
  • June 4 - Battle of Danjo Islands: The Russian fleet under Admiral Rozhestvensky manages to catch the retreating Japanese fleet and they battle again with each side losing a battleship, and captures several coaling ships before fear of torpedo boats forces Rozhestvensky to head to Port Arthur in China for refit and repairs.
  • June-October - The Second Siege of Vladivostok: Grand Duke Nicholas Nikolaevich with command of the main Russian army marches to Vladivostok, but are harried by Japanese cavalry for weeks. When they arrive, a hasty attack is easily destroyed, and the Grand Duke resorts to overwhelming artillery barrage to weaken the defenders, focusing on the warehouses and supply stores of the Japanese than on the front lines. Three months later, after a failed counter-attack, an armistice is signed between the two powers.
  • October 2 - Russia and Japan meet in Norfolk, Confederate States of America, and begin negotiations to end the war.


  • January 6 - Russo-Japanese War ends with the Treaty of Norfolk.









  • July 12: Prime Minister Ahmed Riza of the Ottoman Empire is assassinated in Sarajevo, Bosnia.

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