L'Empire Francais
Flag of France
Official language(s) French
Capital Versailles
Largest City Paris
Religion Catholicism
Empereur Napoleon VII
Prime Minister Nicolas Sarkozy
Currency Euro

The French Throne is failing miserably and it is planning on joining Germany. It has sold Wallonia to Flanders to reunite Belgium and has sold land to Monaco, Andorra and Spain. Emperor deNapoleon has agreed to retire to Marseille when it is given to German Empire. The British, however intervened and protested the total domination of France by the German Empire (New World Order), and has permitted only annexation of the lands east of the Lyon line. With the rest staying in the control of Emperor deNapoleon, keeping it as a buffer zone between the Germans and themselves. France's Napoleon dynasty has ruled since the 18th century, and it was at one point the Largest Empire in the World, ranging from Brésil to Australie, but in the 20th century, it lost many of these countries to independence. However, Australie, Brésil and Korée retain the Emperor as their Head of States.


France just before the Scottish Colonial war -1895

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