French Revolutionary War

Luny Thomas Battle Of The Nile August 1st 1798 At 10pm
Battle of the Pyramids

Battle of the Nile

Date 1792 - 1797
Location Europe, Atlantic Ocean, Middle East, and India
Result French victory. Treaty of Malta, and Treaty of Lunéville
Banner of the Holy Roman Emperor with haloes (1400-1806)Holy Roman Empire

Flag of Prussia (1892-1918)Prussia

Flag of the United KingdomUnited Kingdom

Flag of RussiaRussian Empire

Flag United Kingdom Portugal Brazil AlgarvesPortugal

Flag of SpainSpain (until 1798)

Flag of TurkeyOttoman Empire

Flag of FranceFrench Republic

Flag of DenmarkDenmark-Norway

Flag of MysoreKingdom of Mysore

The French Revolutionary Wars, lasting from 1792 until 1799, was a major war fought between the French Republic and several other European states. The war had been primarily fought to end absolute monarchy in France and instead to become a republic. Marked by French revolutionary fervour and military innovations, the campaigns saw the French Revolutionary Armies defeat a number of opposing coalitions.

The war concluded with the Treaty of Lunéville. The ending of the battle resulted in closer relations with France and Mysore, the Ottoman lost major territories to the French Republic and Napoleon, and bringing British dominance over the Atlantic Ocean to an end.