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French Republic
Timeline: A Looser Union

OTL equivalent: French colonial empire
Looserunionfranceflag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

Freedom Before All (French)

Capital Paris
Largest city Paris
Other cities Marseilles, Lyon, Strasbourg, Algiers, Adice Ababa, Habana, Saint-Louis, Dakar, Port au Francais
  others Arabic, Amharic, Wolof, Mandinka, Hausa, Mossi, Tuareg, Mande, Fon Songhai, Vietnamese, Kikongu, Spanish, Catalan
Religion Atheist
Ethnic Groups
White, Black
  others Asian, Arab, Mestizos, Mulattoes
Demonym French
Government Corporate Boulangist autocracy
  legislature Confederal Parlement
Population approx. 150 million 
Established 2nd June 1944
Currency Franc

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