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Republique Française
French Republic
Timeline: Colombian Empire
Flag of France (1790-1794)
Flag of France
Francia europa
French Republic since 1954

Liberté, égalité, fraternité (French)
("(Liberty, Equality, Fraternity)")

(and largest city)
Language French
Religion Christian
Ethnic Group French
President Jean Françóis Girard
Currency frc (franc)

Currently one of the vast nations of Western Europe, having control of great territories of Northern Italy and Spain, as well Belgium, Switzerland and Austria, Slovenia and Croatia in OTL


At difference from our timeline France, here France has extended and embraced many cultures across Western Europe including North Italian and Catalonian cultures were absorbed into the republic forming the now pluri-cultural nation known as France.

History, Wars and Conflicts

Here the Republic Started in 1795 when the Revolution was over and the Nation was able to re-establish and organize and manage to recover some of its terrain. Yet by 1798 with Napoleon I got in power his army pushed into Switzerland and Northern Italy where the Austrian and Italian armies were defeated most of Northern Italy and Croatia to the French in 1805. After campaigns against the German states and the Netherlands they took over most of Belgium and Western Netherlands and Southwest Germany. In 1807 he Turned his eyes towards Sardinia which he easily took by 1810. When this occurred he started campaigns over Africa conquering territories of Algiers and Egypt and then Marching over Russia. By 1816 turned a mistake as his army, tired of almost ten years of fighting, the Czar's army withdrew from Russia. Coming back to Paris where he started reforms to keep the empire together, he died of Malaria after visiting French colonies in Africa in 1824. After this the Empire dissembled yet most of the terrain conquered in Western Europe by him still was Under French Control during the Republic. After this, the French Leadership entered into peace with all other Nations In Europe and after 1860 they helped the Colombians during the Great Caribbean War against Texas, the Confederate States of America and Cuban Republic which ended with Cuba being defeated, the confederates losing the Support from the Caribbean states and The loss of terrain from Texas to Mexico and the United States.

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