French People's Republic
Timeline: One Battle

OTL equivalent: France, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg
French People's Republic Flag French People's Republic CoA
Flag Seal
French People's Republic Map
Location of French People's Republic
(and largest city)
Language French
The French People's Republic was created in 1926 after the Third French Revolution. It became a superpower in Europe. It had many similar elements to Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. In 1928, a communist supporter shot the king of Great Britain, showing how much a threat communism could be. It annexed and invaded small nations such Switzerland, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Belgium. The nation has been credited for destroying the Third Reich and killing Hitler. In August 1946, the French People's Republic invaded Spain. Great Britain attempted to stop the invasion however the USSR attacked Britain. When Spain fell and became the 'Spanish Socialist Republic', they signed a peace treaty. After the Great Nuclear War, the French People's Republic collapsed extremely quickly.

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