French Legislative election, 1798
1794 100px-Flag of France svg 1799
No Leader Robespierre Pierre Vergniaud
No Leader Maximilien Robespierre Pierre Victurgnien
Independent Dissidents Jacobins Girodanist
seats before: 0 331 0
+378 -315 +6
378 16 6
9,122,000 3,450,000 634,000

The French Legislative election of 1798 was centered on the obvious vote rigging of the Jacobins and the dissolution of the Provincial Parlements.

In a group of towns in Burgundy, throngs of angry villagers stormed polling places and cast millions of votes for themselves. Most of these people were elected during this "fight fire with fire" event.

This assembly created a new constitutional convention, with mostly themselves as members. However, the few Constitutional "Experts" at the convention wielded considerable influence, and did most of the writing of the document.

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