French Legislative election, 1794
none 100px-Flag of France svg 1798
Robespierre Pierre Vergniaud Hebert-1
Maximilien Robespierre Pierre Vergniaud Jaques Herbert
Jacobins Girodanists Herbertists
seats before: 327 12 12
+4 +49 -4
seats after: 331 61 8
popular vote: 3,320,000 620,000 88,000

The French Legislative election of 1794 determined the makeup of the 2nd National Assembly of France. Because Maximilien Robespierre had previously been elected President of France, and thus governed over the cunduction of the electoin, his party, the Jacobins, won easily. The vote rigging was obvious, which led to much general unrest and violence.

The Girodanists were the only opposition party large enough to win any seate in the Assembly. Robespierre, would later declare them enemies of the Revolution and have them expelled and replace with Jacobins.

The Herbertists were in a coalition with the Jacobins, but were expelled as well when refusing to compromis on varying issues, most significantly, the Cult of The Supreme Being.

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