March 20- Emperor Napoleon lands at Hastings with 70,000 men. Small skirmish near Battle.

March 22- French army of 50,000 men lands at Dover under Marshal Ney, suffers heavy losses but gains a foothold by night.

March 24- Napoleon and Ney link up.

March 30- French force of 18,000 lands at Fishguard from Ireland.

April 1- Battle of Maidstone, Napoleon's 110,000 men destroys Packenham's 60,000 militia.

April 3- Napoleon returns home after suffering huge stomach problems.

April 9- Neys path to London is blocked at Sevenoaks, forced to return to Dover.

April 26- Another French army of 40,000 men lands in Cornwall under Davout.

April 30- Davout secures all Cornwall south of St Austell. Royal naval base at Plymouth is abandoned.

May 2- Davout arrives in Plymouth to find it deserted, he lacks enough supplies to continue his advance.

May 5- Wellington besieges Davout in Plymouth.

May 9- A French naval squadron arrives in Plymouth, Davout resupplied.

May 15- Napoleon orders Ney to send a corps to relieve Davout.

May 18- Ney sends a corps under D'Isigny Davout.

May 20- D'Isigny is ambushed near Oxford.

May 23- Ney states he will not take London until the emperor is fit to lead the assault.

May 28- Elements of D'Isigny's corps attack Wellington's external Pickets.

May 30- D'Isigny and Davout attack Wellington but suffer heavy losses, over 19,000 are killed.

June 1- Napoleon hears of Neys declaration of the 23rd and declares him a bumbling imbecile, he immediately sets off for Calais to take personal command.

June 4- Napoleon lands at Dover and sacks Ney, who returns to France

June 5- Davout takes command of D'Isingy's corps and marches his 60,000 men toward Portsmouth.

June 10- 60,000 re-inforcements arrive in Dover

June 15- Napoleon leads his army of 120,000 men out of Dover and heads toward London

June 16- Napoleon clashes with Hamilton's army near Aylesford. Hamilton is killed and his army flees.

June 17- Napoleon and Wellington's armies meet each other and form up.

June 18- Battle of Chatham. Wellington's army destroyed.

June 24- Napoleons forces enter London.

June 28- Napoleon meets George IV on a raft in the Thames estuary. Peace agreed.

July 8- All French troops have left Britain.

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