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French India (Venetian-Italian Supremacy)

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Principality of India
Principauté de l'Inde
— Protectorade of the French Empire
Timeline: Venice-Italian Supremacy

OTL equivalent: India, Pakistan and Bangladesh
FrenchIndiaFlag FrenchIndiaCoa
Flag Coat of Arms

Nothing harms with God leading (Latin/French)
("Deo Ducente Nil Nocet")

Capital Calcuta
Largest city New Delhi
  others Indian, English
  others Roman Catholic, Islamic, Greek Orthodox, Buddhism
Government Unicameral Parlamentary Monarchy
  legislature Calcuta Imperial Assembly
Prince of India/Emperor of India Napoleon V
  Royal house Bonaparte
President of the Principality Concil Manmohan Singh
Admission 1920
Currency Indian Pound/Indian Franc
Abbreviations India
 French India is a country under the rule of the French Empire. The Country supports the Republican China in their civil war.

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