The General Staff of the French Empire is a fourteen-member board of the leaders of the various branches of the French Imperial military. Each of the four branches (Grand Army, Imperial Navy, Air Command and Foreign Legion) must be represented by at least two members, and additional members from each branch are then chosen at the whim of the Emperor and Marshal. The Marshal of France is the head of the General Staff, but his seat does not count among the other fourteen. The Marshal is effectively the head of the Empire's entire military operations, a position equal to the Minister of Defence and directly subservient to the Emperor. The current Marshal of France is Nils Skarvik, who represented the Grand Armée on the General Staff from 2004-2011 before his appointment as Marshal in 2011 to replace Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was elevated to State Minister.

History of the General Staff

Current General Staff

Marshal of France: Nils Skarvik, Grand Army (Dep. Scan.)

General Staff of France:

  • Paul Bonaparte, Foreign Legion (Dep. Fran.)
  • Louis Clairmonte, Foreign Legion (Dep. Fran.)
  • Sergey Valikov, Grand Army (Dep. L'est)
  • Olivier Sarron, Grand Army (Dep. Fran.)
  • Johann Wolfe, Grand Army (Dep. Ale.)
  • Sebastien-Alphonse Morreau, Air Command (Dep. Fran.)
  • Claude Niveau, Air Command (Dep. Fran.)
  • Xavier de Nancy, Foreign Legion (Dep. Fran.)
  • Yves Patronelle, Imperial Navy (Dep. Ale.)
  • Friedrich Blaucher, Imperial Navy (Dep. Ale.)
  • Niko Sergeyev, Imperial Navy (Dep. L'est)
  • Francois-Albert Viscourt, Imperial Navy (Dep. Fran.)
  • Ivan Ivanesceu, Imperial Navy (Dep. L'est)
  • Bertil Kulens, Imperial Navy (Dep. Scan.)

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