Before the French Revolution, the royal household contained a number of foreign regiments which acted as bodyguards and palace guards. It was believed that since they were not French, they would be less influenced by the various factions and more loyal to the king.


Royal Écossais: Originally composed of Stuartists who had fled from an unsuccessful uprising. The regiment was disbanded by the revolutionary government but most chose exile with the pretender. They are now part of the United Royal Provinces's Armed Forces.

Royal Irlandais: Composed of rebels who wanted independence for Ireland. The regiment was dissolved after the French Revolution only to be almost immediately reformed as the "Légion Irlandaise" for a planned incursion into Ireland to free it from the British yoke. Following the Revolutionary Wars, they formed the nucleus of the Irish Army.

Cent-Suisses: A regiment of mercenaries, it was almost wiped out trying to protect the King from the mob. Following the Revolutionary Wars, the remnant joined with some new recruits to act as the King's bodyguard in the United Royal Provinces

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