The French Foreign Legion.



LEF Guyana

The 3rd Infantry Regiment, stationed in the South American Territory of French Guyana, was and still is based in the Guiana Space Centre in Korou, at DD charged with guarding the European Space Agency installations there.

It currently counts roughly 950 troops, having been increased in the recent years from around 600 to represent some kind of national armed forces of the neutral Guyane. Some people criticize the steadfast loyalty to the Prefect Jean-Pierre Alazaire, their former commander making them kind of a Presidential Guard. They mainly serve as the force maintaining order in Guyane, especially the capital and at Korou. Also the security of the many organizations and companies lays in the hands of the Legion. They cooperate closely with the Gendarmerie of Guyane.

83DD photo Legion in Jungle

Legion soldiers on jungle march in French Guyana

Their main task is still guarding the Space Centre but a second answer has been set up in the capital of Cayenne. The Regiment maintains its traditions by still having a rigid and hard selection process for new recruits willing to join the LEF.

LEF South Pacific

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