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The French build up their presence in Weimar, and crack down on the rebels. However, it doesn't go well for them. Their brutality only convinces people to fight them, despite Weimar efforts to placate them. Guerrilla attacks rise in intensity, and become more frequent, directed against French military personnel, and Weimar government buildings.

Finally, the final straw comes. A massive French base is destroyed in a brazen guerrilla attack. The French populace is shaken, and decides that it is not worth it to be involved in the Germans problems, and is not worth the loss of life. France pulls their troops out of Weimar, and go back to their own business.

Without French support, the Weimar government is unable to deal with the Nazi rebels, who see the Weimar government as collaborators. Soon, the Weimar government surrenders as a revolution seizes Berlin. With their rule secured, the Nazi's turn to rebuilding the nation.

Finish later

Created by: Azecreth 22:00, October 18, 2011 (UTC)

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