République française
French Republic
Flag of France (1790-1794).svg
1792–1807 Flag of France.svg
Flag of France.svg Armoiries république française.svg
Flag Coat of arms
La Marseillaise
French First Republic Atlas (Vive La Revolution!).svg
Capital Paris
Official language French
Religion Secular state
Government Dominant-party directoral republic
 - 1792–1795 National Convention
with Maximilien Robespierre leading the convention
 - 1795–1807 Directory
with Paul Barras and later Roger Ducos leading the directory
 - Storming of the Bastille and French Revolution 14 July 1789
 - Overthrow of Louis XVI 21 October 1792
 - Committee of Public Safety and Reign of Terror 5 September 1793 to 28 July 1794
 - Abolition of slavery 4 February 1794
 - Thermidorean Reaction 24 July 1794
 - Treaty of Cologne 1802
 - New constitution adopted 23 March 1807
Currency Livres, Francs, Assignats

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