French Empire
Timeline: Pauvre Monde

OTL equivalent: Continental Europe, England
Flag of France 508px-Coat of Arms Second French Empire (1852–1870).svg
Flag Coat of Arms
France (Pauvre Monde)
Location of French Empire
Capital Paris
Largest city Moscow
Other cities London, Berlin, Rome, Madrid, Lisbon,St.Petersburg, Warsaw, and Brussels
  others English, French, Italian, Russian, Finnish
Roman Catholic Church
  others Judaism, Islam, Protestantism, Eastern Orthodoxy
Demonym French
Legislature Constitutional-monarchy
Emperor ?
State Minister ?
Population 600,000,000 
Established 1804
Currency Franc
Calling Code 0505
Internet TLD .fr
Organizations United Nations

The French Empire is a constitutional monarchy in Europe. The French Empire dominates Europe from the Ural Moutains to the Atlantic Ocean, and England to the tip of Sicily. France has the world's second largest economic zone, being behind the United States, and the second largest economy of the world.

France has the world's second largest nominal military budget, the third largest military in the world. France also possesses the second largest nuclear weapons stockpile in the world - with around 12,300 active warheads as of 25 May 2010 – and the world's second largest diplomatic corps (second only to that of the United States).

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