Flag of France


France, the largest Empire in all of Europe. While the Hated-British have been expanding their overseas colonies, Napoleon I has kept growing in Europe. Wide and far, everyone watches with awe and envy when he and his army come marching. To the East, Russia must still be tamed, and there is lots of territory there to conquer. Austria , although the government is now Pro-French, is where there is still the most resistance. Napoleon I and Napoleon II must work together to destroy these few rebels. Prussia is now very weak and should provide easy conquest. And the recently created nation of Italy is weak, and should also be conquered. The French mostly ignores what other nations think of them, and even in the French-puppet states, most people hate Napoleon I. However, actually in France, the people enjoy a very high lifestyle. This is not just the nobility, but everyone. This has inspired an undying loyalty to Napoleon I. France's greatest strength is this loyalty. Following the British, France is expanding overseas. Many ports in Africa have been set up by Frenchmen. France is the dominate power of the world ...

France in Light Blue

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