Second French Empire
Timeline: No Belgium
Preceded by 1852 – 1909 Succeeded by
Flag of France Flag of France
Flag of France Coat of Arms Second French Empire (1852–1870)-2
Flag Coat of Arms

Liberté, égalité, fraternité (French)
("Liberty, Equality, Fraternity")

Anthem: "Partant pour la Syrie"
Capital: Paris
Language: French, among others
Roman Catholicism
  other religions: Protestantism, Judaism, Islam
Type of government: Constitutional monarchy
Currency: Franc

The French Empire (French: Empire français), officially the Second French Empire (Le Second empire français) was the Imperial Bonapartist regime of from 1852 to 1909, the end of the Great European War. The Empire was one of the strongest great powers in the world, growing from an isolated kingdom to an Empire with territories across the globe.

The Empire was the second French kingdom to be ruled by the Bonaparte dynasty, first established almost half a century earlier. The Empire was established from a coup by Emperor Napoleon III, who promised to guide the French people towards justice, prosperity, and peace. His reign saw the defeat of the Kingdom of Prussia and the North German Confederation, halting the growth of a completely-united German Empire under Prussian rule. He was succeeded by his son, Napoleon IV, a year later, the last Emperor of the French.




War with Prussia



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