French Empire
Empire Français (French)
Französisches Reich (German)
Французская Империя/Frantsuzskaja Imperija (Russian)

Timeline: Napoleon's World

OTL equivalent: France, Germany, Austria, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, Finland, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Belgium, Netherlands
Flag of France 508px-Coat of Arms Second French Empire (1852–1870).svg
Flag Coat of Arms
French Empire Global NW
French Empire and Imperial Commonwealth

Vive L'Empire (French, German, Russian)
("Long Live the Empire")

Anthem "Veillons au Salut de Empire"
Capital Paris
Largest city Paris
Other cities Berlin, Moscow, Petrograd, Kiev, Munich, Lyons, Barcelona, Milan, Venezia, Vienna
French, German, Russian
  others Catalonian, Basque, Dutch, Hungarian, Polish, Hindi, Arabic, Italian, Chinese, Local Dialects
Roman Catholic Church
  others Judaism, Islam, Protestantism, Eastern Orthodoxy
Ethnic Groups
French, German, Russian
  others Arabic, Italian, Polish, Hindustani, West African, Chinese
Demonym French
Government Constitutionally empowered monarchy
  legislature Imperial Office of France
Emperor Maurice Napoleon I
  Royal House: Bonaparte
State Minister Arnold Schwarzenegger
Population 600,000,000 
Established 1804
Currency Franc
Calling Code 0505
Internet TLD .fr
Organizations League of Nations, Aide Internationale

The French Empire (French: L'Empire Francais; German: Französisches Reich; Russian: Французская Империя/Francuzskaja Imperija) is a nation based on the continent of Europe, although it has six "Commonwealths" overseas (Algeria, Canada, Hindustan, Singapore, French West Africa, Golden Quarter). The French Empire was officially formed in 1804 with the coronation of Napoleon I Bonaparte as Emperor of the French, although it assumed its modern, consolidated form through gradual reforms and technological prowess. The Empire has three times been nearly torn apart by civil war - in 1845, in 1867 and between 1938-44, in what is known as the French Civil War. The population of the French Empire proper (i.e. Europe) is about 600,000,000 people, making it the world's second largest country by population (after China), and it is the fifth largest country by land size (after Siberia, Alaska, China, and the United States). The primary language of France is French, although German and Russian are widely spoken as well, alongside numerous other minor languages and dialects - the country is officially trilingual since 1962. The current Emperor of France is Maurice Napoleon I, often referred to simply as Emperor Maurice. The ruling house of France, as it has been since 1804, is the House of Bonaparte.



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