The constitution of 1815 came into affect on May 1st 1815. It caused several changes:

  • A house of peers of the empire, personally appointed by the emperor.
  • A senate,
  • A grand assembly, elected by the people
  • Eight regional parliaments
  • Elected mayors of every settlement with a population over 3000
  • A prime minister to advise the Emperor

The house of peers was to consist of 80 life peers, appointed by the emperor. The peers advised the emperor directly. They were responsible for approving laws proposed by the senate and assembly, if the peers didn't approve of a law then it would not be passed. However peers could not propose laws directly. These peers included all Marshals of France, Bishops, Barons, Dukes and Princes.

The senate was to consist of 300 members, appointed by the assembly and ratified by the house of peers. These appointments were to last seven years. The senate was responsible for ratifying decisions made by the assembly, electing a prime minister.

The grand assembly was to consist of 800 members, elected by popular vote every five years. The assembly was responsible for internal matters and resolving regional issues. All proposals put forward by the assembly had to pass through both other houses and be approved by the emperor.

The prime minister was to be elected by the senate and approved by the peers and the emperor. The prime minister was to assemble a cabinet to run the country, and advise the emperor. Were any two of the three houses of state to disagree with the prime minister's decisions then a no confidence vote would be held and if the vote resulted in a decision of no confidence, and the emperor agreed, then the prime minister would resign as soon as a successor had been decided on.

Mayors were to be appointed in all large settlements. They were responsible with compiling a city/town council and running their municipality. Each mayor was responsible for appointing a representative to attend their regional parliament and reporting back the parliaments decisions to the mayor.

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