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French Conquest of Algeria (Something Strange has Happened)

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French Takeover of Algeria

January 14


February 18, 1982




French Victory:

  • Annexation of Algeria
  • New French Settlement
  • Exodus of Algerians to Egypt

Flag of France France

Flag of Algeria Algeria


Flag of France François Mitterrand

Flag of Algeria Chadli Bendjedid


Flag of France 100,000

Flag of Algeria 200,000

Casualties and Losses

Flag of France 25,000

Flag of Algeria 40,000

The French Invasion of Algeria is the name of an armed conflict that took place from January 14-February 18 in the year 1982. The French were anxious to reclaim Algeria as a camp for survivors of the nuclear holocaust. The African Governments were in chaos and many countries fell to warlords and monarchs from three different countries. 

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