The French client republics (French: Républiques clients français) were a number of independent republican regimes created by France after the French Revolutionary War. The French Republic claimed to support the spread of the republican principles in Europe, but most of these client republics, or sister republics, were in fact a means of controlling the occupied lands through a mix of French and local control. This allowed France to retain the territories as protectorates without annexing the lands and angering the European neighbors.


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The 20 Vendemiaire replaced the semi-autocratic Directory in France, and replaced it with a presidential system. The first French president, Emmanuel Sieyès, also replaced the semi-autocratic Directories in the client republics, with the help of representatives in the states themselves. By 1803, citizens of the client republics passed elections for Prime Ministers. According to their constitutions, the nations could make decisions on internal and external affairs, but any bills or acts passed would have to be approved by the President of France.

The republics

French Client Republics (No Napoleon)

A list of the Client Republics:

  1. Flag of France France (including 1.a Corsica and 1.b Ionian Islands)
  2. Flag of the Batavian Republic Batavian Republic (1795 - 1845; became Flag of the Netherlands Republic of the Netherlands)
  3. Flag of Genoa Ligurian Republic (1797 - 1845; absorbed into Sardinia)
  4. Flag of Italy Cisalpine Republic (1797 - 1845)
  5. Flag of the Repubblica Romana 1798 Roman Republic (1797 - 1799; Flag of the Papal States (pre 1808) Papal State restored)

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