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French Azores
Département d’Azores (outre-mer)
— Subdivision of France
Azores french flag Azoresfr
Flag Coat of Arms
Azors french
Location of French Azores
(and largest city)
Port Girana
President of the Regional Council Nicolas Favre
Area area km²
Population 297,400 
Admission 1946

French Azores (Fr: Departement d'Azores) is an over seas department and region of France. It gained that status in May 2, 1946. As part of France, Azores is part of the European Union and uses the Euro. The capital is Port Girana, a city of 51,200 people


French Azores was original setled by France in 1607. Hyères Island was the first setled. Many people came in the next decades. In 1653-1670 Azores was jonied with Explorators Islands (Atlantic Islands) in the colony of Grand Azores. In 1946 It became and over seas depatment of France.


Ranking City/town Population (2010) Location
1 Port Girana 51,200 Hyères Island
2 Douarne 38,500 Isle de Moutons
3 Veronne 32,300 Hyères Island
4 Cap Blanche 27,900 Monnet Island
5 Petit-Aisne 21,650 Hyères Island

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