French Imperial Colony of Algeria
Colonie Française Impériale de l'Algérie (French)
الإمبراطورية مستعمرة فرنسية في الجزائر(Arabic)
Timeline: Napoleon's World

OTL equivalent: Algeria and Tunisia
Flag of French Algeria NW
Flag of Algeria
Algeria Africa NW
Location of Algeria
Capital Algiers
Largest city Algiers
Other cities Tunis, Oran, Constantine, Sfax
Language French, Arabic
Demonym Algerian
Government Colonial home rule
  legislature Colonial Assembly of Algeria
Population 54,560,700 
Currency French franc
Calling Code +213
Internet TLD .fr

The French Imperial Colony of Algeria, commonly referred to as French Algeria or simply Algeria, is a large, semi-autonomous North African holding of the French Empire. It currently has a population of nearly 55 million, making it France's most populous colony after Hindustan. The capital of Algeria is Algiers, and other major cities include Tunis, Oran, Constantine and Sfax. It is formed primarily out of the old Barbary States of Algiers and Tunis, and thus the most commonly spoken language is Arabic and the predominant religion is Islam, although French is the official language and there is a sizable Roman Catholic minority, especially in the cities. In 2007, as per Emperor Maurice Napoleon I's Colonial Reforms, Algeria, along with Canada, became the first French Colonies to receive complete home-rule status, although the Parliaments of both colonies are still subservient to Paris.

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